Thursday, March 15, 2012


The lust for tea is a burning fire that churns within me.
It is ever wanting but never satisfied. Do I call this thirst passion or insanity? As I sit here in my chair drinking this cup of tea trying to fulfill the need in me for that awesome chaqi, I wonder is this thirst within me passion or insanity?
I see this website and I covet that next teapot or tea. Ever wanting but never satisfied thirst for more, more, and still more!? I drown in pools full of colors of gold, red, brown, black, and green. Instead of trying to save myself from drowning I fire up the kettle, pick that perfect cup, the most functional teapot, and that leaf that fits mood at the time?! Why?!
Is this passion or insanity?
This love for tea this thirst within me drives me to insanity! It is so bitter sweat this drive within me!
Hey sir do you mind passing the tea?

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